Our idea
Future lies in well selected employees
Dynamic labor market, a shortage of talent, high expectations of candidates and customers, and new technologies are the factors that affect the efficiency of recruitment processes.

With us, you can open up to the world of new opportunities and build your dream teams. We will take the employment challenges of your company by recruiting excellent professionals, also from countries yet undiscovered.
Knowledge and experience at your disposal
MORGAN AIDEC specialists prove every day that finding the perfect candidates requires focalizing on many business aspects. We expect from potential candidates not only education and work experience, but also competences and skills that will bring measurable benefits to your business.

Contributors to success
We believe that the strength of the company consists of well-coordinated and efficient teams. Thanks to the cooperation of people who have different passions and abilities, but one common goal, real success is possible. Relevant qualifications and skills let your future employees perform tasks more effectively, but also take the initiative, and go beyond the hackneyed patterns of behavior. MORGAN AIDEC specialists ensure, that every recruitment process is individually tailored to your needs. Each process is unique and unrepeatable, and aims at selecting the most suitable person for the job.
Effective recruitment is an art which we have mastered to perfection. Thanks to a multi-stage selection, conducted by using the most advanced methods, your company will gain talented and ambitious co-authors of your success.
Fields of expertise
MORGAN AIDEC focuses on the recruitment of specialized staff and executives. Specialization allows us to quickly access relevant candidates. We support our clients in attracting and selecting the best experts on the Polish and foreign markets.
Outsourcing the recruitment process is a service which allows you to attract talents through using the most effective methods of recruitment. The great advantage of this solution is cost reduction, even up to 40%.
Standardization of recruitment processes within the organization
The package of training in the areas of recruitment
An experienced consultant is assigned to conduct the recruitment process end to end.
Employer Branding
RPO benefits for your company:
  • Cost reduction associated with maintaining internal recruitment department and costs carried out with the participation of external recruiters
  • Recruitment process time reduction
  • Flexibility of working hours
  • Ensuring continuity of the performance of commissioned work
Recruitment methods
Executive Search
Direct Search
What distinguishes us?
Flexibility and individual approach to customer needs
Excellent knowledge of the market and methods of finding candidates
Fast and high quality services
The presence in emerging markets: Poland, the Balkans - did you know that one of the best engineers in the history of the world Nikola Tesla came from Serbia?
Adequately selected staff is the key to success of any company – regardless of branch in which it operates. We know how important it is for your company to be supported by highly qualified personnel, therefore we offer you our experience and skills in the recruitment processes of employees for the following branches:
IT & TELECOMS, Banking & Finances, Sales & Marketing.
Modern technologies require specialized and well qualified staff to manage them. IT branch is one of the fastest growing sectors – increasing number of employees in this field and rising demand for IT services are the main reasons why we started recruitment services a few years ago.

We specialize in the recruitment of IT employees, we know the specificity of the branch perfectly, thus each action we take is based on well thought out decisions. We give your company new possibilities , assuring its development and supporting everyday processes.
In MORGAN AIDEC we value those who are not only competent, but have also a unique quality – a constant need to develop their skills.

Banking of tomorrow is banking with human face – every financial institution today undergoes a thorough transformation. How will banking look like in the twenty first century? We know: it will be maximization of client – employee interaction.
In the age of dynamically growing market we know how important is to efficiently reach people who are reliable, creative, and understanding the needs of the changing business. Our consultants specialize in recruitment for specialist and managerial positions.


We catch for the best of talents!

Invest in professional staff today – contact us and tell us who you are looking for.
We will find a perfect candidate for you.

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